Pintwood PRO Derby Car Kit

Pintwood PRO Derby Car Kit

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    Best pinewood derby car kit for non-BSA races. No axle polishing and no wheel prep.

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    "Only kit with deep-hub wheels to hide graphite!"

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    The new Pintwood Pro Derby Car Kit is a hot car kit for making a cool, fast derby car!

    This kit contains a standard 7" pinewood block, a set of four light weight PRO Wheels, four nickel-plated PRO Speed Axles and a cool set of derby car accessories to jazz up your car.

    Benefits to you:
    • PRO Speed axles are machined and nickel-plated.  They are super fast.  No need to polish these beauties!
    • PRO Wheels are a light weight 2g giving your car a fast start and fast rolling down the track.  
    • PRO Wheels feature our unique deep hub to hide graphite so your axles are lubed throughout every race automatically!  While your competition's car slows down with every run, your car will speed up!
    • Pinewood block is a standard 7" derby car block with slots cut in the bottom for your axles.
    • A bonus set of cool plastic car accessories will jazz up your car.  It includes a rear spoiler, a set of side pipes, an engine block, an air intake and a driver's helmet with roll bar.

    The Pintwood Pro car kit will give you the hottest, fastest and coolest car on the track.

    Note: The PRO wheels and PRO axles are not BSA®  parts, so can not be used in a Cub Scout BSA®  race unless authorized by your race manager.  

    Each product in this kit has been tested by an independent lab and was issued a Children's Product Certificate by passing appropriate Consumer Product Safety Improvement Act (CPSIA) tests.

    Part number: 130101