PRO Steel Super Speed Axles (set of 4)

PRO Steel Super Speed Axles (set of 4)

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    Polished and Grooved axles which will pass any magnetic test

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    "These are my preferred axle going forward!  They are polished and have the anti friction groove.  Best of all they will pass my district magnetic test.  THANK YOU!!!"

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    Straight out of the Pinewood Pro Lab are the NEW PRO Steel Super Speed Axles!

    We have taken our PRO Super Speed Axles and made them out of steel to pass the most stringent rules that require a magnetic test.


  • MAGNETIC! Will pass the most stringent rules that require a magnetic test
  • Slightly oversized .91" diameter shaft which means a tighter fit in the wheel bore which helps reduce wheel wobble
  • Polished, nickel plated to a mirror finish
  • Wobble eliminator groove which also creates a pcoket to hold graphite inside the axle during the race!

  • Optimal Performance!

  • These Steel axles are machined perfectly round and straight for optimal performance

  • Get the fastest axles on the market!

  • Pinewood PRO Steel Super speed Axles (set of 4)...another pinewood derby winning secert from the experts at Pinewood Pro.

  • Packaging

    Axles are individually bagged to protect from scratches during shipment.

    Rules Notes:

  • Axles are NOT BSA Axles but they are machined parts. They may not be legal in your race.
  • Rules are different for every race! Always read your race rules.
  • Questions? Ask your race manager!

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