Tungsten COG 1/2oz Weights - 2oz total

Tungsten COG 1/2oz Weights - 2oz total

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    These Optimal Center of Gravity weights will make you a mad engineer tweaking them to get that perfect center of gravity

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    "I have used these weights on all cars my kids have made. Result : 6 trophies to show for it. They are dense and compact and with the hex hole make it easy to move the weights to get the center of gravity which is crucial"

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    Optimal Center of Gravity (CoG) is critical to speed! The optimal CoG (or “Balancing Point”) is about 1 ¼” in front of the rear axle.
    • CoG weights help you to easily “dial in” the Center of Gravity in your car.
    • Just insert them into a 3/8” hole in the back of your car and use an Allen wrench to move them forward or backward.
    • Full Instructions with illustrations are included

    • Our CoG weights include four 1/2 oz (14.1 g) screw-in Tungsten CoG Weights™.
    • Use weights individually or as 2 to 4-unit sets. Screw-in and adjust with an Allen wrench.
    • Weights are 3/4" in length tip to tip and 3/8" in diameter.
    • Use a 23/64” size drill bit when drilling a hole in the car body to get a tight fit.

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