Awana Grand Prix Pinewood Derby

Speed Wheels, Speed Axles

Genuine Awana Grand Prix wheels - lathed to perfection

Awana Ultra Lite Wheels
Precision lathed and tuned.

All of the imperfections have been removed from these wheels while making them slightly lighter (they are 1.6g) for a fast start and lightning fast down the track.

All of the Official Awana Grand Prix markings remain.

The Hub is coned and the end squared, reducing friction when the wheel hits the car body.

The outside tread is trued, so your wheel is perfectly smooth reducting rotational friction,

The inside tread is trued removing imperfections and reducing wheel weight so your car has a faster start out of the gate,

The wheel edge is lathed flat to reduce friction when your wheel hits the track guide.

Net result is a precision tuned, FAST wheel

Important: Awana Speed Wheels are delicate, due to the spoke design. We strongly recommend using our Axle Inserter-Puller Tool so the wheels are not damaged when inserting or removing them.

Only $19.95 (set of 4)

Get the Ultimate Speed Advantage

What is the difference between Awana and Cub Scout Pinewood Derby?

The Awana Grand Prix pinewood derby wood block is the exact dimensions
(7"x1 3/4" x 1 1/4") as the Cub Scout pinewood derby block. This means that any of our pre-cut car blocks and car design plans will work for Awana Grand Prix cars.

Awana Grand Prix axles are slightly different than Cub Scout axles but
the dimensions are almost exactly the same. All of the Pinewood Pro axles will work in Awana cars, but read your rules carefully to be sure they are legal for your race.

Awana Grand Prix Wheels are the same diameter and the wheel bore (where the axle goes) is exactly the same as Cub Scouts, but the wheel design is totally different. Therefor, Awana racers must use Awana wheels and Cub Scouts must use Cub Scout (BSA) wheels.

Speed Axles for Awana Grand Prix

For a winning combination,
our polished, nickel plated PRO Super Speed Axles fit perfectly in Awana Wheels.

pinewood derby speed axles

For the ultimate axle, look at our new graphite coated Pro Super Speed Axles.

graphite-coated pinewood derby axles

All of our car design ideas, speed tips and
#1 selling Winning Pinewood Derby Secrets,
apply to the Awana Grand Prix derby.

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Awana Winners

The Awana Grand Prix race was last night. My son took 1st, my daughter took 2nd, and a friend of ours son took 3rd.

All three cars had your wheels and axles.
Everyone asked how we did it 2 years in a row. I stated it's all in the wheels, axles, and in the weight. I'll send the photos via email along with the testimony.

Thanks for the great work you do with those Awana SPEED wheels!
Thanks again, Gary Wagner

Hi Joe,
Here is a picture of my ten year old son's car. It won 1st for design in the boys division of our church's First Bible Baptist Church Awana Grand Prix. The car is aptly called "THE LOUISVILLE SLUGGER". We would LOVE IT, if you put his car on your website!

Thank-you so much for your website! We learned alot from all the ideas and the great information. This was our first Pinewood Derby and we has a BLAST!!!! Thanks again!

God Bless You,
Dawn and Ryder

Awana Grand Prix Car picture

Awana Grand Prix Winner

awana pinewood derby - girl car

Awana Clubs Father with pinewood derby winners


Thank you for the great tips on building a car!
You helped make our Awana Club Pinwood Derby an event to remember always!

God Bless,

Pinewood Pro!
I received my Speed Wheels on Thursday just in time for the Awana derby on Friday.  
We won 8 out of 9 total races and took first overall in the speed competition! 
There were a lot of experienced racers there who couldn't believe how fast our car was in
our first derby.  Alex and I thank you.  I don't think he has stopped smiling since Friday...
- Aaron and Alex Simms

      Pinewood Derby
      Tips & Hints

      The axle slots that are cut into standard blocks are too tight for BSA axles that are .089" diameter. Small axle slots make it difficult to get your axles in straight. A #44 drill bit is .086", which I find too tight. Consider a #43 Drill Bit, which is a perfect match at .089" for a snug fit.

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      lubes Tip

      Our PRO Graphite, with molybdenum disulfide, is a proven winner. Our Track Tests show an average speed increase of 17%.

      Pinewood Derby
      building Hint

      Don't attach feathers or big decorative parts that can cause drag. This will decrease your car speed

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    • pinewood derby winner

      Thanks to your detailed instructions, speed tips and parts, we won 1st place! Thanks so much.
      - Joe from ME

    • Thank you for the tips in your Winning Secrets book. Out of 116 cars in our AWANA Grand Prix, my boys came in first in their divisions and 1st and 3rd overall. They were thrilled!
      - Carl

    • pinewood derby winner with trophy

      My son, won his pack derby today on our first attempt! He won 9 races in a row and none of them were even close. Thanks for your assist in this father & son memory.
      - Kevin from VT

    • father and son race winners

      Using the tips on your website, Daniel's car won every race for his den, and won the district races. It seemed that his car got faster with every run. We have memories that will last.
      - David

Awana Grand Prix Speed Wheels