Pintwood PRO Bulk 8 Pack Car Kits

Pintwood PRO Bulk 8 Pack Car Kits

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    Easy Pinewood Derby racing kit for birthdays, cub scouts, corporate events, etc. 

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    "This kit had everything we needed for our pack! Having precision wheels and flawless axles helped first timers be more competitive."

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    The new custom designed PINTWOOD® PRO Bulk Derby Car Kit is an inexpensive, yet superior, derby car kit with exceptional PRO parts to make eight cars.  This kit includes:

    • Eight sets of premium pinewood blocks
    • Eight sets of light weight PRO Wheels featuring deep hubs custom designed by Pinewood Pro
    • Eight sets of precision machined nickel-plated PRO Speed Axles designed by Pinewood Pro
    • FREE tube of specially formulated PRO Graphite lubricant 
    • FREE PRO Wheel Spacer
    What are the advantages to you?
    • No prep work on PRO axles.  They are precision machined and perfect right out of the package.
    • No prep work on PRO wheels.  These PRO wheels are precision designed so they can be raced right out of the box without prepping them.
    • PRO Wheels are lightweight.  They are faster than BSA wheels and they are cooler looking with a spoked deep hub, like a race car.
    • Deep hub wheels allow you to hide graphite in the hub giving you continuous graphite feed...a huge speed advantage!
    This PRO car kit is ideal for non-BSA races.

    Note: This kit includes PRO Wheels and Axles.  These are NOT BSA wheels and axles so they are not allowed in a BSA regional or district race.  

    Every product in this kit has been tested by an independent lab and was issued a Children's Product Certificate by passing appropriate Consumer Product Safety Improvement Act (CPSIA) tests.

    Part number: 130108

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