Deep Hub PRO Wheels by Pinewood Pro (Set of 4)

Deep Hub PRO Wheels by Pinewood Pro (Set of 4)

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    New PRO Wheels feature unique deep hub to hide graphite.

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    "Pinewood Pro has a knack for taking pinewood derby things and making them better!  These speed wheels are no exception. They are lighther and more concentric compared to BSA Wheels."

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    Our new Pintwood PRO Wheels are not only fast, they have a unique Deep Hub feature for hiding graphite giving you continuous friction-reducing lubrication.

    What is a Deep Hub and how will it make my car faster?
    A Deep Hub means the axle head is recessed deep into the wheel hub giving you a secret cavity to store graphite.  Simply insert your axles as you normally would, pour some graphite into the hub and seal it with a standard 3/4" round stationary sticker.

    Your wheels will look cool and the graphite will feed onto your axles with every run down the track!  Your axles will get a continuous, lubricating, friction-reducing graphite long after the graphite has blown off your competitor's axles.  While the competition's cars are slowing down, your car will speed up!

    If you choose not to hide graphite and cover the hub with a sticker, the spoked, deep hub wheels are the coolest looking wheels on the track.

    These wheels were precision designed by Pinewood Pro engineers.  The end result is a flawless, light weight 2g wheel that is fast and ready to race.


    Wheel Diameter         1.18" 
    Wheel Tread Width    0.386"
    Wheel Weight            2 grams

    Note: PRO Wheels are NOT allowed in BSA Cub Scout regional or district races.  A BSA Pack Race Manager may decide to use Pinewood Pro 8-Pack Car Kit, but those cars will not be allowed in regional BSA races that require BSA wheels.

    This product has been tested by an independent lab and was issued a Children's Product Certificate by passing appropriate Consumer Product Safety Improvement Act (CPSIA) tests.

    Part number: 053500

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