Round Cuttable Flex Weight Cylinders - 3oz

Round Cuttable Flex Weight Cylinders - 3oz

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    Flex cylinder weights fit easily into drilled 7/16" holes and best of all are easily cut with scissors

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    "This made adding weight so easy. I drilled 7/16" holes in the back of the car and cut the weight with scissors and was done!"

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    Tundra Flex Weight cylinders are a flexible steel composite weight for pinewood derby cars with the density of lead but cheaper than zinc!

    • Lower cost than zinc with higher density.
    • Non-toxic and child-safe.
    • Easily cut with a scissors.
    • Can be sanded and painted.

    To add flex weights to your car, place the car block, axles and wheels on a scale. Cut the flex weight cylinders with a scissors so the total weight is 4.9oz.
    Then, drill 7/16" holes in the rear of your pinewood derby car block. Insert the weights and seal with wood filler.

    Packaged as two 25/64" x 5" cylinders.

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