Formula One Grand Prix Pinewood Derby Car Body

Formula One Grand Prix Pinewood Derby Car Body

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    The Formula One Grand Prix car body is one of Pinewood Pro's newest car bodies which feature the Gravity Channel! The Gravity Channel is a slot that is precisely drilled along the base of the car allowing you to fine-tune your center of gravity - a proven method of increasing speed!

    The axle slots have been pre-drilled so you can easily insert your axles, and we've done the work of adding a raised wheel hole on the front left side! Using the optional raised wheel hole has been proven to make your car go FAST!

    We start with the standard BSA pinewood derby car block that comes in every pinewood derby car kit, then we do all the hard work of shaping, crafting, drilling, and more for you. 

    This is a car body only - You will need to purchase wheels and axles separately. We also recommend adding weight if you need to bring your car up to 5 ounces for your race, and graphite or NyOil to lubricate your wheels and axles.

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