Pinewood Derby Speed Wheels

Precision lathed, engineered for speed

Which pinewood derby wheels are fastest?

    All of our wheels were speed tested with hundreds of test runs using controlled experiments to prove which wheels are the fastest. The Speed Test number below is the average speed increase you can expect over Stock BSA wheels based on our experimentation.

Fast Wheels!

BSA Speed Wheels - Precision Lathed Speed Tests
5.5% Faster
Lightly lathed inside and outside tread, hub stem and hub top, wheel edge $15.95
Awana Ultra-Lite Grand Prix Wheels Speed Tests
9.7% Faster

Awana races only, NOT for BSA. Lathed inside and outside tread, hub stem and hub top, wheel edge


Faster Wheels!!

PRO BSA Speed Wheels - Lightly Lathed and Graphite Coated Speed Tests
7.5% Faster
Lightly lathed, then graphite-coated outer tread and hub $19.95
Pinewood Derby BSA Ultra-Lite Wheels Speed Tests
21.9% Faster
Ultra-Lites have additonal material removed but all BSA markings remain.
Check your Rules

Fastest Wheels!!!

PRO BSA Ultra-Lite Wheels - Graphite-Coated Speed Tests
23.8% Faster
Ultra-lite wheels with our exclusive graphite-coating on outer tread and hub $29.95
Outlaw Wheels
(Not for Cub Scout Races!)
Speed Tests
32.6% Faster
Our lightest wheels.
NOT allowed in Cub Scout Races

Stock BSA Wheels

BSA Replacement Wheels and Axles
Rreplacement Cub Scout BSA wheels with nothing done to them. $4.00
BSA Matched Wheels

Cub Scout BSA wheels that are mold matched. Nothing has been done to them.


The wheels in your kit have imperfections that slow your car down. When races are won by 1000ths of a second, every speed improvement you make can give you the edge to win your race.

When a wheel is lathed, it is put on a high speed machine (a lathe) and spun very fast. We then tune the wheel to make the treads and hub trued to the center bore, while balancing the wheel and removing extra material on the outer tread, inner tread, wheel rim and outer hub...all of which make the wheel lighter.

The result is a high performance wheel that requires less inertia to start and roll down the track.
Fast wheels equals fast cars.

Pinewood Pro also performs an exclusive graphite-coating operation to our PRO wheels. This makes your fast wheels even faster, giving you the winning edge.

...and we proved it with hundreds of speed tests.

BSA Speed Wheels - Precision Lathed

Precision tuned, super fast, lathed BSA wheels!

pinewood derby bsa speed wheels

  • Wheel tread is lightly lathed to make it trued to the center bore, so your car rolls smoothly and faster. All BSA labels remain and the wheel rim still has the beads.
  • Wheels are matched with all four wheels from same they are balanced as a set
  • Hubs are lathed and edge is squared to reduce friction and wobble where wheel meets car body
  • Wheel rim is lathed to reduce friction when wheel hits track guide
  • Special lathing process makes wheels .2g lighter, giving you a quicker start and faster rolling down the track

Lightly lathed, precision tuned for speed

Click the more info button for on what makes wheels fast and how to make yours even faster.

only $15.95 (set of 4)

Awana Ultra-Lite Grand Prix Wheels

Precision lathed and tuned Awana Grand Prix Wheels

awana grand prix wheels

    Official AWANA Grand Prix Wheels precision lathed to perfection. Our lathing process makes these wheels precision tuned and lighter weight giving you a fast start and precision rolling all the way to the finish line!

  • Mold matched set of four
  • Outside tread is trued to be perfectly concentric with bore.
  • Outside wheel edge is lathed to remove mold stem and smooth rough edges to reduce friction when wheel hits guide.
  • Weighs only 1.6g each.
  • Material is removed from inside the wheel to balance the wheel and give you a fast start.
  • Hub is squared so wheel rests squarely on the car when it touches, eliminating the chance of wobble.

Official Awana Grand Prix Wheels, precision lathed and tuned for optimal performance.

More Info Awana Wheels and Axles

only $19.95 (set of 4)

PRO BSA Speed Wheels - Lathed and Graphite-Coated

PRO Graphite-Coated BSA Speed Wheels are...friction-free!

graphite-coated BSA speed wheels

  • PRO BSA Speed Wheels have all the features of our Speed Wheels (above). In addition, the wheel tread, hub and rim are graphite-coated for a friction-free ride!
  • Our exclusive graphite coating reduces track friction, wheel hub friction and wheel rim friction. Our special technique is a perma-coating that will last right through the district races!
  • Get the Ultimate Speed Advantage. Only from Pinewood Pro...
  • Graphite-coated..........friction-free!

Lightly lathed, graphite-coated PRO BSA Wheels

only $19.95 (set of 4)

Pinewood Derby BSA Ultra-Lite Wheels

Precision lathed BSA Ultra-Lite Wheels

Ultra-Lite BSA speed wheels

BSA Pinewood Derby Wheels lathed to perfection. Our lathing process makes these wheels precision tuned while removing weight giving you a fast start and precision rolling all the way to the winners circle!

  • All BSA markings remain
  • Mold matched set of four
  • Outside tread is trued to be perfectly concentric without removing the beads along the rim.
  • Material is removed from inside the wheel, while leaving all lettering in place. Weight is reduced by .5g to give you a fast start.
  • Hub is squared so wheel rests squarely on the car when it touches. This corrects the rounded hub in the new wheels that could result in wobble when wheels hit car body.

Tip: we highly recommend using our Axle Inserter/Puller Tool to insert and remove these wheels because Ultra-Lite wheels are fragile.

BSA Ultra Lite Wheels

only $24.95 (set of 4)

PRO BSA Ultra-Lite Wheels - Graphite-Coated

PRO graphite-coated BSA Ultra-Lite Wheels are...friction free!

graphite-coated BSA ultra-lite speed wheels

Our new PRO Ultra-Lite wheels have all the advantages of our Ultra-Lite wheels, then treads and hubs are perma-coated with graphite using our exclusive process.

  • Secret patented multi-step process to perma-coat with graphite-moly lube...the only wheels on the market with this! You can see and feel the shiny, smooth, friction-free surface! 

  • These wheels are super light, precision tuned, and friction-free. Your car will fly down the track like on a frictionless cushion of air.

  • Get the ultimate speed advantage.

  • Another Winning Secret from the experts at Pinewood Pro...

Tip: we highly recommend using our Axle Inserter/Puller Tool to insert and remove these wheels because Ultra-Lite wheels are fragile.

PRO Graphite-Coated Ultra-Light BSA Wheels

only $29.95 (set of 4)

OUTLAW Wheels!

Outlaw wheels - when the rules don't apply! (NOT for BSA Cub Scout races!)

outlaw wheels

  • We start with BSA wheels, then lathe the outside tread, inside tread, wheel rim, inside body, wheel hub and finally, we square the hub so it rests squarely on the car body when it touches.

  • The result is a super light weight, 1.2g wheel for Outlaw Races. Lighter is faster! Faster start, faster going down the track because there is less inertia required to spin them.

  • Note that ALL BSA markings are removed inside and outside, so they CAN NOT be used in BSA races!

  • The lightest wheels available.

Tip: we highly recommend using our Axle Inserter/Puller Tool to insert and remove these wheels because Ourlaw wheels are VERY fragile.

Outlaw Wheels, when there ARE NO RULES!

only $34.95 (set of 4)

BSA Wheels - Mold Matched

Official pinewood derby BSA wheels - mold matched for a balanced set

BSA matched wheels

  • Official Pinewood Derby Car BSA Wheels, sorted by mold number to give you a perfectly matched set.
  • Why a matched set?
    BSA manufactures wheels in 18 different molds, numbered 1 to 18. Wheels from these molds are randomly placed in your pinewood derby kit.

  • The problem is, each mold is slightly different, creating wheels with differing bore sizes, hubs and tread characteristics. When every millisecond counts, you want each wheel to be exactly the same because small differences will make the car slightly off affecting speed and balance.
  • Matching sets of wheels take out that variability so that each of your wheels are rolling the same way. Matching wheels are the most basic thing you can do to increase speed.
  • Matched wheels are unmodified, direct from the Cub Scout BSA pinewood derby kit.

Official BSA wheels, unmodified, mold matched.

only $7.95 (set of 4)

BSA Replacement Wheels and Axles

Official pinewood derby BSA replacement set of 4 wheels and axles

BSA replacement wheels and axles

  • Spare set of 4 official BSA wheels and axles.
  • No modifications have been made to these wheels or axles.
  • Good for spares, replacements or for experimenting with axle and wheel modifications.

Replacement set of four BSA axles and wheels

only $4.00 (set of 4)

      Pinewood Derby
      Tips & Hints

      Lighter wheels turn easier (they require less inertia). Lighten your wheels, as much as your Rules allow, which will give you a fast start out of the gate and faster speed down the track.

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      weights Tip

      Lead is denser than zinc but lead is toxic, so we do not recommend handling it. Use non-toxic weights like zinc or tungsten.

      Pinewood Derby
      building Hint

      Don't attach feathers or big decorative parts that can cause drag. This will decrease your car speed

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      Thank you for all of the information. We had fun making the car! We're going on to the Regionals, as our car to 1st place in our den!
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