Silver PRO Car - Fully Built Fastest Pinewood Derby Car

Silver PRO Car - Fully Built Fastest Pinewood Derby Car

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    Put your camera on slow motion if you want to catch a glimpse of the PRO car going down the track otherwise you might just miss it.

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    "We have an annual "adults-only" event and competition is fierce. Kept this hidden until race-registration and won every race, in every lane, every time."

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    The SILVER PRO Car is our new, cool color for our fastest pinewood derby PRO Cars. Just like our Black PRO Car, the Silver PRO car is our fastest car that track-tested and ready to race. It features our proven race winning PRO friction-free BSA Ultra-Lite graphite-coated wheels and PRO BSA graphite-coated double grooved axles.

    This car is built with Official BSA parts from the Cub Scout pinewood derby car kit. The BSA block has standard wheel spacing to comply with all rules. The axles are inserted into the pre-drilled axle slots to conform to BSA rules.

    The SILVER PRO Car is completely pre-built and precision tuned for maximum speed:
  • Completely built car, ready to race (just add our PRO Graphite to your axles)
  • Perfect weighting to just under 5.0 oz, so you can add decals or stickers
  • Precision weighted center of gravity, to maximize inertia and speed through to the finish gate.
  • Drilled axle slots, to conform with any rules, while making your car track perfectly straight to minimize hitting the rails. This car works for both center guide rail tracks and side guide rail tracks.
  • 12 coats of high gloss paint, with a clear gloss sealer
  • PRO BSA Ultra-Lite Graphite-Coated Wheels to reduce track friction and wheel hub contact friction
  • PRO BSA Grooved and Graphite-Coated Axles, so your axles stay lubricated throughout all your heats.
  • PRO Rail Riding alignment to give you that extra race winning speed out of every run
  • Left front wheel is raised to reduce friction further, making your car faster
  • Optimal wheel spacing to reduce wobble and hub friction. Less friction, more speed.
  • Made from Official Cub Scout BSA kit items: BSA block, BSA wheels, BSA axles

  • You must use Pinewood Pro dry powdered graphite to lube your axles to achieve top speed. Do NOT use Nyoil on these axles.

    Rules Notes: (ALWAYS read your rules to be sure this car is compliant. Ask your race manager if you have questions as all rules are unique to your particular race!)
  • If your rules say "wheels can not be lathed", the PRO Ultra-Lite Wheels are indeed lathed, so may not be allowed. Note that all of the BSA markings remain inside and outside of the wheel but the tread is visibly thinner.
  • If your rules say "all wheels must touch the track", you can not use this car because the left front wheel is raised
  • If your rules say "no graphite", you can not use this car due to graphite-coated wheels and axles. The outside tread of these wheels are graphite-coated and will appear silver rather than black.

  • The SILVER PRO Car is a completely built fastest pinewood derby car that pushes the Speed Limits!

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