Minecraft - Pinewood Derby 3D Design Plan - INSTANT DOWNLOAD!

Minecraft - Pinewood Derby 3D Design Plan  - INSTANT DOWNLOAD!

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    "My son is a huge Minecraft fan. This downloadable car plan was the ticket to making him smile ear to ear!"

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    Let your creativity outshine the competition with the Minecraft pinewood derby car design.

    This is an easy car to build!

    This design comes with a complete 3D plan with clear, step-by-step instructions, as well as 3D AutoCAD graphics to help you build your car.

    This plan also helps you with weight placement, gives you speed and building hints, tells you exactly what tools you'll need, and includes car cut-out templates for use as a cutting guide.

    We'll even show you your Minecraft Car rotating 360 degrees so you can view it from all angles and we'll let you see your car in 6 different colors to help you decide your own color!

    Pinewood Pro's 3D derby car designs are the best on the market, guaranteed!

    You can build this car! Our car design plans are the best on the market, guaranteed! We show you how with simple step-by-step clear, 3D images.

    We show you every cut so you can't make a mistake...

    Plan includes cut-out car design template, building hints, tips, weight placement for speed, six painting schemes, tools list, links for help and everything else you need.

    Below are some sample pages from one of our car design plans:

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