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Winning Secrets and Speed Supplies for Boy Scout CO2 car racing

Blastcar Racing for Boy Scouts

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Blastcar is a CO2 powered car for Boy Scouts, whereas Cub Scouts race pinewood derby cars.

Blastcar is similar to a pinewood derby car in that the scout gets a pine wood block, 4 wheels and 4 axles to build a car, but the similarity stops there.

Blastcar Pro, a sister site to Pinewood Pro, gives you every thing a Boy Scout needs to have fun designing, building and racing a winning CO2 powered Blastcar.

Below are a few Blastcar speed products you will find on Blastcar Pro. Visit Blastcar Pro for help and details about Blastcar racing products.

Blastcar cO2 car Designs

Award winning Blastcar design plans show you how to build a cool, fast blastcar. Each plan includes step-by-step 3D images so you can't make a mistake building your car.

Car plans also include cut-out template patterns, axle and eyelet placement for optimal performance, speed and distance hints, painting schemes and we even animate your car so you can see it spin around for a 360 degree view.

blastcar design plans
The Ripper
Blastcar Pro designs

Blastcar Wheels

Like pinewood derby race cars, you want your blastcar wheels to be light and precision tuned so your car starts fast, goes far and rolls straight.

Unlike pinewood derby, BSA rules allow you to modify your Blastcar wheels. Our ultra-light Blastcar Wheels are lathed AND drilled to perfection, with the added bonus of graphite-coating on the hubs using Blastcar Pro's exclusive perma-coating technique that has proven results for pinewood derby cars.

ultra-lite blastcar wheels
Blastcar Ultra-Lite Wheels
Cool and Fast!

Blastcar Axles

The official BSA Blastcar axles are actually screws and they are much bigger than pinewood derby axles. But like pinewood derby, polished blastcar axles are essential for making your blastcar as fast as it can be. Blastcar Pro adds 2 grooves to reduce wheel wobble and decrease axle friction for a high-performance axle.

polished blastcar wheels
Blastcar grooved and polished axles

Fast Axles!

For the ultimate speed advantage, our graphite-coated blastcar axles using our exclusive coating process gives you the fastest axle and is a proven winner.

graphite-coated blastcar axles
Blastcar grooved and graphite-coated axles

Fastest Axles!

Blastcar Help

Need more help? Visit Blastcar Pro for the newest Blastcar designs, Winning Blastcar Secrets, tools, free guides and all the latest speed products.

Or give us a call (203) 362-8342

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      Pinewood Derby
      Tips & Hints

      If you have a bad wheel and you don't have time to replace it, Raise that Wheel so it doesn't touch the track. Since it doesn't touch the track, it won't have any negative affect on your car's speed.

      Pinewood Derby
      lubes Tip

      Nyoil stays on your axles throughout the race, unlike powdered graphite that blows off every time your car goes down the track. This gives Nyoil coated axles a speed advantage if your car keeps racing.

      Pinewood Derby
      building Hint

      Wood filler is your best friend when it comes to building a pinewood derby car. Use wood filler to fill holes, gouges and other cutting mistakes. You can even use it to add a bubble, racer cockpit, spoiler, etc.

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    • Boy scouts win fast cars

      Thanks a ton for all the tips and the Wheels and Axles! We beat cars that had taken district and region in Georgia! This was my last race with my two boys. Great way to end! Thanks again!
      - David

    • Jacob had a blast seeing his car fly! Thanks for the tips!
      - Matthew and Jacob

    • flawlessly

      Your Products performed flawlessly. Thank you for your awesome quality products.
      - Chris N from NJ

    • shopped with you all 5 years

      This is our last year of Pinewood Derby. We have shopped with you all 5 years and our son won his Pack 2x, Districts 1x and placed 2nd the other times. Thank you!
      - Lloyd from NH

    • One of my girls won the "girls fav" car which was picked by all the girl scouts as their fav. Thanks
      - Stephanie

    • My son--a first time Pinewood Derby participant--won his Den, Pack, and District championships thanks to Pinewood Pro! Also won design and workmanship awards. Thanks, Pinewood Pro!
      - Mike

Blastcar CO2 Racing for Boy Scouts