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Our cool pinewood derby Car Designer with Speed Simulator* helps you choose products by showing the "relative speed" difference between products. Select car parts, read the performance notes, and watch the speed improvement of your car as it races to the finish line.

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  • What are the Performance Ratings?
    A fun tool that simulates the performance of our products. To see actual track-tested speed ratings, see our Speed Tests.

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    PRO Driller helps your car go straight by allowing you to drill perfectly straight axle holes with the included perfectly sized drill bit. Drill a raised wheel to make your car faster!


    * The "Speed" of the animated Race Car does not correlate to the speed of your car on the track. It just gives you an indication of the "relative speed" between products. Our Speed tests lists the actual track speed measurements.

    Go PRO! Go Blue! ...with Pinewood Pro's PRO Tools!

    Our PRO tools will save you time while helping you build a fast car. The PRO Driller, featured here, is just one of our many PRO Tools.

    The PRO Driller is a versatile tool that helps you drill perfectly straight axle holes. The axle slot on your block has several problems. It is too small for your axle, making it very difficult to insert your axle, usually requiring a hammer to get them in. This process inevitably results in your axle going in crooked. Crooked axles make slow cars!

    And because the slot is so narrow, sometimes the block can crack when you force the axle in.

    Lastly, the axle slot itself might not be perfectly square to the block, so even if you insert it straight into the slot, if the slot is crooked, your car doesn't roll straight and it will hit the center rail as it goes down the track severely reducing speed.

    The PRO Driller allows you to re-drill the axle slots, drill new axle holes, or drill axle holes to make an extended wheelbase.

    Optionally, you can drill a raise wheel hole to make your car even faster. See our Winning Pinewood Derby Secrets book.

    Aside from the PRO Driller, Pinewood Pro offers an exclusive line of Pinewood Derby PRO Tools, like our PRO Axle Inserter Guide, PRO Wheel Spacer, PRO Wheel Bore Polisher and PRO Axle Puller-Inerter that will both save you time and make your car faster.

    So Go PRO and Go Blue with Pinewood Pro's PRO Tools!

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