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1. Click on a product and read the Performance Rating below.
2. If you like that product, click Select Product and watch the little car advance to the checkered flag.

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Stick-on weights are easiest to apply. Just peel backing and stick on car.

Zinc Stick-on weights

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How Weights Speed Up Your Car

With the right axles and wheels, your car is as close as it gets to frictionless! But to get even faster, you need proper weight placement, and the best weights! Choose between Zinc and Tungsten weights to meet your needs! Put gravity on your side to push your car down the track!

Weight Tips and Placement Hints

Tungsten Putty is ideal for getting your car up to the maximum 5 oz limit. Drill a hole in the bottom of your car and insert Pinewood Pro Putty as the last step to bring your car to 5.0 oz. If the official scale weighs you in at 5.1 oz, simply remove a small amount of putty to bring it back to 5.0 oz.

Tungsten weights are ideal for pinewood derby cars. Tungsten is about 1/3 smaller than zinc that has the same weight. Therefor, you can pack Tungsten weights in a smaller area to optimize your center of gravity to maximize inertia giving you greater speed at the finish gate.

Using the Pinewood Derby Car Designer

All Weights advance your toward the checkered flag equally.

  • Be sure your car is fully weighted to get the maximum velocity as it exits the ramps onto the flat part.
  • Weights come in many styles. Select based on your car syle.
  • Also consider placement for optimal center of gravity.
  • Tungsten is the densist weight so you can pack more in a smaller space.

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