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Pinewood Derby Speed Tests

Does weight really impact pinewood derby car speed? Get the definitive answer from extensive speed test results comparing car weights, wheel types, lubricants and more.

, December 08, 2023


Here's where you'll find the instructions to build all of the Pinewood Pro car kits, plus information on how to use NyOil and our Bore Polishing Kit

, October 26, 2021

Pinewood Derby Track Rental

Looking for a track rental in your area? We've compiled a list of known track rental options across the United States.

, April 16, 2021

How to use NyOil

NyOil lubricant is an excellent graphite alternative for pinewood derby axles, offering a thin synthetic film that lasts through the race. Just one drop per axle is enough, coating both axle and wheel bore for peak performance.

, January 06, 2019

Terms of Service

What can you do on Pinewood Pro? What can't you do? Read our Terms of Service to learn the dos and dont's of using our platform legally and ethically.

, July 03, 2018

Pinewood Derby Lathed Wheels

Have questions about why lathed wheels are better? Read our guide on how lathing, truing, and squaring your Pinewood Derby wheels can speed up your car. Out of time? Pinewood Pro has done all of the precision lathing work for you!

, June 07, 2018