PRO Driller end view
Drill precision straight axle holes
Drill raised wheel axle hole

PRO Driller 2.5 degree angled axle holes

Drill 2.5 degree axle holes to cant your wheels

The PRO Driller™ can make your car faster in four ways.

  1. Drill perfectly straight axle holes. Straight cars don't hit the center rail (or hit the side rails for center-less tracks). Extra energy goes to increase your car's speed.
  2. Drill a raised wheel hole. It takes less energy to turn 3 wheels. Extra energy goes to speed.
  3. Drill 2.5 degree angled axle holes to cant your wheels. Canted wheels migrate toward the axle head where there is less friction. Less friction means more speed.
  4. Create an extended wheelbase. Your car has more stability, which means more speed.

If you are going to buy one PRO Tool, this is the one.

Cool Features

  • Patented View Port allows you to see through the driller to quickly and easily position it over the existing pre-cut axle slots so you can drill the axle slot straight. Once the holes are drilled, you can push in your axles with your finger and they will be straight.
  • The PRO Driller is adjustable so it will fit ANY pinewood derby block; BSA Cub Scout, Awana, Pine-Car, Royal Rangers, etc. (A non-adjustable tools requires shims or sanding your block to make it fit.)
  • It's blue!

Drilling Straight Axle Holes Into Axle Slots

  1. Slide the PRO Driller™ over the axle slot and position it by looking through the View Ports.
  2. View Port to align axle holes in axle slot

  3. Slide a drill bit into the top hole of the PRO Driller™ so you can see the drill bit slide into the axle slot.
  4. While holding the PRO Driller™ tight against the block, tighten the two screws to lock it in place.
  5. Clamp the PRO Driller™ tool so it doesn't move.
  6. Gently insert your drill bit into the top guide hole and drill to create an accurate straight axle hole in the axle slot.

Drilling 2.5 Degree Angled Holes

  1. Follow the same procedure as above to position and secure the Driller
  2. Gently insert your drill bit into the Left or Right guide hole and drill to create an angled axle hole. An angled axle hole will make your wheels migrate away from the car body where there is less friction. Less friction means your car will go faster.

Drilling a Raised Wheel

Drilling pinewood derby raised wheel

Drilling a raised wheel for your pinewood derby car is easy.

  1. Just align and secure the PRO Driller™ Tool so the raised wheel hole is above the left (or right) front axle hole.
  2. Then drill into the bottom, center guide hole.
The raised pinewood derby wheel will be 3.5mm off the track. Raising a wheel makes your car faster because it takes less energy to turn three wheels than four. It will start faster and roll faster because that extra energy goes to your car's speed.

Drilling holes for an extended wheelbase

  1. Slide the PRO Driller over the end of the block where the axle slot is furthest away (1 3/8") from the edge of the block.
  2. Position the driller so the holes will be the exact distance from the edge of the block (7/8") as the holes on the other side.
  3. Secure the Driller as described above.
  4. Drill your axle holes on both sides of the block
  5. Then fill the unused axle slot with wood filler to cover it up
An extended wheelbase makes your car more stable. It will be faster because it is less likely to hit the rail.

How to Use the Pro Driller™ Tool

  1. Loosen the two screws to open the PRO Driller™, then put it over your car.
  2. tightening Pinewood Derby drill guide

  3. Position the PRO Driller™ by sliding it where you want to drill. Use our exclusive View Port if you want to drill the axle slot so your axles are perfectly straight.
  4. sliding Pinewood Derby PRO Driller Tool

  5. Squeeze the sides of the PRO Driller™ so it is snug to the block, then tighten the two screws.
  6. Use a clamp to secure the PRO Driller™ to your block so it doesn't move.
  7. drilling with PRO Driller Tool

  8. Insert your drill bit into the hole you want and start your drill. Be sure to gently slide the drill bit in and out a few times to clear the wood chips and to make a clean hole.


  • To make the axle hole deep enough, be sure the drill bit extends 1.5"
  • Carefully insert your drill be and be sure it is straight so you don't torque the drill bit and snap it off!
  • When drilling with small diameter drill bits, be careful to insert (and back out) the drill bit perfectly straight. The drill bit is made of durable steel, but the diameter is only 2.2mm. Your drill is powerful and big, and the 2.2mm drill bit is thin and small. You can easily put a lot of angular force on the drill bit. So, don’t angle your drill or you will snap the drill bit!


pinewood derby graphite

PRO Graphite

Pinewood PRO Graphite is a special blend of dry powdered graphite with sub-micron molybdenum disulfide additive. It substantially decreases friction! Track tests show a 17% to 20% speed increase, depending on the axles being used.

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pinewood derby Super Speed Axles

PRO Super Speed,
Graphite-Coated Axles

We recommend our PRO Super Speed grooved and graphite-coated axles, which out performed every axle we tested.

Our track tests showed a 16.7% speed increase over stock BSA axles.

We also offer BSA grooved and graphite-coated axles.

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graphite-coated BSA speed wheels

PRO BSA Ultra-Lite,
Graphite-Coated Wheels

We recommend our PRO BSA Ultra-Lite graphite-coated wheels, which out performed every BSA wheel we tested.

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pinewood derby PRO tools image

Drilled blocks

Drilled blocks insure that your car rolls straight and also offers a raised wheel option to increase speed.

We even have handy tools for gapping your wheels and an Axle Puller to remove your axles without damaging your wheels.

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Pre-cut Car Blocks

drilled pinewood derby cars

PRO BSA Ultra-Lite,
Graphite-Coated Wheels

We recommend our PRO BSA Ultra-Lite graphite-coated wheels, which out performed every BSA wheel we tested.


Pre-Built Cars

fully built pinewood derby cars

Fully built PRO cars

If you can not build your own car, our pre-built PRO pinewood derby cars are fully built and tested for speed!

These cars are precision tuned, track tested for speed and ready to race.

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Pinewood Pro Winner's Circle


Winning Tips and Hints

Pinewood Derby
Tips & Hints

If you are using 3/8" round weights, drill your 3/8" weight holes before cutting out the rest of the car because it is easier to hold the full block. Always use a clamp to hold your block before drilling or cutting. Safety First!

Pinewood Derby
Wheels Tip

Lighter wheels turn easier (they require less inertia). Lighten your wheels, as much as your Rules allow, which will give you a fast start out of the gate and faster speed down the track.

Pinewood Derby
Winning Hint

Winning Pinewood Derby Secrets contains all the tips you need to win your race. Updated annually with the latest tips and speed products, our book has proven results with 1000's of winners... but don't take our word for it! Read over 90 Customer Reviews and check out our Winners Gallery!