We had our Pinewood Derby last Saturday.

We appreciate the speed tips you offered and although we had decided on the designs weeks earlier I was able to incorporate some of your tips.

This year I had 3 sons participating in the pinewood derby. This was the first year for my youngest son Joshua (6.5 Years) in the derby. He won 1st place in the Tigers. He was so excited.

My middle son Johnny (a bear) won 1st place in his for the bears and Second place in the pack. He will compete in the county wide derby next month.

My oldest son Jimmy a Webelos 2 was racing his last derby this year. He came in second in the Webelos 2 and 4th in the pack. His is the tank design was surprisingly fast.

Additionally, I was asked the night before the race to help a friend of Jimmy build his car because his dad has been away for some time. We were able to start and create a design that incorporated more of your tips and his car ended up taking 1st in the Webelos 2 and 1st in the pack. He was so happy, he has had a few rough months and I think this will be a positive memory for him to look back on.

I attribute their successes to the tips I was able use from your book.

Thank again,

Jim Teeter