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Girl Scout Pinewood Derby success story

My eleven-year-old daughter is a junior Girl Scout. She has been involved in the Girl Scout program since she was six. She thoroughly enjoys it.

Every year her troop goes to a Pinewood Derby contest and competes against several other Girl Scouts. She hasn't done very well during the last two years of competition and drastically wanted to improve for this year. I called some of the other parents and asked if they had any tidbits they could share. One parent suggested I order a book.

I decided to follow the advise of getting a book so I headed to the book stores. I didn't find any book that had enough specifics on pinewood derby racing. After I got home from a disappointing day I decided to surf the net to see what I could find. I came across your web site, which has two books that are specially written for pinewood derby racing.

It wasn't long until I received my order. My daughter and I sat together and read through the guides. We saw templates of car designs that were very helpful.

One thing we learned is that it is important to prepare your axels and wheels to minimize friction; the books gave very clear instructions on how to do this. There were many other great ideas to increase your car speed. We did a different design of her car and followed all the suggestions.

Before we knew it - it was time for the pinewood derby race. Hundreds of girl scouts were at the competition with their pinewood derby cars. My daughter was in the Junior Scout division - Age 9-13. She came in 2nd place!

It was awesome. She was so excited to have such a fabulous race. Thanks for helping us girl scouts have a great time racing pinewood derby cars. Now I know why the cub scouts love it so much!

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Wheels Tip

Spin each wheel on a polished axle with graphite and count the number of revolutions. If a wheel wobbles, try spinning it again. If it still wobbles, get another wheel that does not wobble.

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Winning Hint

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