How to remove an axle

how to remove a pinewood derby axle To remove an axle, slide the U shaped slot of the Puller Tool over (or under) the axle head and using the handle to grip the tool, gently pull the axle out.  It's as easy as that!

how to remove a pinewood derby axle
The axle will easily pull away from the car as shown.

How to insert your axle

how to insert a pinewood derby axle The other end of this tool, nearest to the handle, has a concave area that is used to insert the axle.

The concave area fits perfectly over the axle head.

how to insert a pinewood derby axle

With the axle Inserter end pressed firmly against the axle head, push the axle in until you can't push anymore.  The Inserter is designed to prevent you from making the wheel too tight.  It will give you nearly perfect wheel gap spacing.   It will not let you push the axle in too far.

To get a more precise wheel spacing between the wheel hub and the car body, our PRO Wheel Spacer Tool makes an ideal complementary Tool.

The Axle Inserter-Remover tool helps you Insert and Remove axles in a snap!

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Winning Tips and Hints

Pinewood Derby
Tips & Hints

Before cutting your car, use a straight edge to draw lines down the center lengthwise and widthwise across your car. Then draw your car design template over these straight lines. The template and straight lines help guide your cutting on both sides of the car so everything is square.

Pinewood Derby
Wheels Tip

A lathed wheel means the wheel was turned at a high speed and "sanded" with a cutting tool. Lathed Wheels are perfectly tuned around the axis of rotation giving you the highest performance.

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Winning Hint

Winning Pinewood Derby Secrets contains all the tips you need to win your race. Updated annually with the latest tips and speed products, our book has proven results with 1000's of winners... but don't take our word for it! Read over 90 Customer Reviews and check out our Winners Gallery!