Winning Pinewood Derby Secrets

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Unleash The Speed You Need to Win!

You can do it with the best list of secret Pinewood Derby speed tips, guaranteed!

Winning Pinewood Derby Secrets shines above anything else. Why? Because, as an engineer, I give you my inventions that were tested on my own track to win Pack and District races. You won't find these hints anywhere else.

You get over 40 secret speed tips. The first section of my book contains the "must do" speed tricks...Most people who have built a few cars or have searched the internet know these tricks. You must do these basic things to have a competitive pine wood derby car.

The last section of my book titled "PRO Race Winning Secrets" will speed your car ahead of the pack. These tips will bring home the trophy.

You'll be amazed. I was, and so were our winners....but don't take our word for it, read over 95 customer reviews!

Winning Secrets gives you everything you need to design and build a winning car...Clear, Concise, Fun, Proven...with CAD drawings, pictures and illustrations. It is updated annually so you have the latest.

Get all the secrets you need to win with the #1 best seller.

Winning Pinewood Derby Secrets

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History of the Pinewood Derby">

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You can build a winner, with the right Winning Pinewood Derby Secrets!

You can also check out our free How To Build a Fast Car tips. This guide is a short list of essential speed tips that will help you make a competitive car.

Winning Pinewood Derby Secrets
fully illustrated with step by step directions!

We show you how to build a winning car with clear, concise simple to follow illustrations, start to finish.

Clamping pinewood derby block

Clamp your block to secure it before sawing!
Drilling holes in the pinewood block

We start with techniques to build your car...
spacing between pinewood block and wheels

Show you things like optimal wheel spacing so your axles don't bind and your wheels don't wobble.
Axle alignment to reduce friction

Speed secrets to reduce friction...
Critical axle and wheel preparations to win races...
Speed secrets to reduce friction

We show you how to build your car with all the latest race winning secrets and products, updated annually.

Winning Products

To make a fast, winning car you need the Winning Secrets AND Winning Speed Products. Yes, you can win a race without the best speed products on the market, but that depends on your competition! Chances are, some racers know the Secrets and have created or purchased the speed products needed to make a high performance car.

We have all the PRO tools if you want to do-it-yourself, and we have all the PRO Speed Products that have been track-tested to prove they are the fastest.

To win your race, pick (or design) the best Speed Products that are appropriate for your race. That means, you need to read your race rules and select the most appropriate products for your race. How do you know which products are "appropriate"? Reference your race rules, and ask your Race Manager if you have any questions, becasue EVERY race is different.

Our PRO Products fall into the categories below. I summarized the category and highlight our highest performance PRO Speed Products, but you should reference all the products in each category to be sure our PRO product are appropriate for your race

PRO Lubricants

pinewood derby graphite

PRO Graphite

Pinewood PRO Graphite is a special blend of dry powdered graphite with sub-micron molybdenum disulfide additive. It substantially decreases friction! Track tests show a 17% to 20% speed increase, depending on the axles being used.

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PRO Axles

pinewood derby Super Speed Axles

Graphite-Coated Axles

Get Official BSA polished axles, or our exclusive high speed grooved and graphite-coated axles to make your car the fastest.

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PRO Wheels

graphite-coated BSA speed wheels

PRO BSA Ultra-Lite,
Graphite-Coated Wheels

We recommend our PRO BSA Ultra-Lite graphite-coated wheels, which out performed every BSA wheel we tested.

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PRO Tools

pinewood derby PRO tools image

PRO Tools

Our PRO Driller Tool saves you time while helping you make the fastest car possible. Other tools, like our Axle Puller-Inserter makes it easy to remove or insert axles without damaging your wheels.

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drilled pinewood derby cars

Pre-Cut Car Blocks

Save time cutting and shaping your car with pre-cut car blocks like our Corvette, Mustang, Firebird, Humvee, etc. Some of our blocks have pre-drilled axle holes to easily insert axles while offering a raised wheel option for increased speed.


Pre-Built Cars

Fully Built pinewood derby cars

Fully built PRO cars

If you can not build your own car, our fully built pinewood derby cars are fully built and tested for speed!

These cars are precision tuned, track tested and ready to race. They comply with baseline BSA rules.

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Winning Tips and Hints

Pinewood Derby
Tips & Hints

The best part of pinewood derby is designing a unique, cool car that you can call your own. Don't worry about aerodynamics because it is almost insignificant. We identify dozens of other speed tips in Winning Pinewood Derby Secrets that rank far above aerodynamics.

Pinewood Derby
Wheels Tip

A lathed wheel means the wheel was turned at a high speed and "sanded" with a cutting tool. Lathed Wheels are perfectly tuned around the axis of rotation giving you the highest performance.

Pinewood Derby
Winning Hint

Winning Pinewood Derby Secrets contains all the tips you need to win your race. Updated annually with the latest tips and speed products, our book has proven results with 1000's of winners... but don't take our word for it! Read over 90 Customer Reviews and check out our Winners Gallery!