Where to Rent a Pinewood Derby Track

If you need a track for a pinewood derby or LEGO derby event in southern CT or Sarasota FL, please contact us.  We will do our best to help you with one of our tracks or hook you up with a Cub Scout leader that has access to a track.  

If you are not in our area and don't want to purchase a track, below is a list of people that rent pinewood derby tracks.  Some will even manage your entire pinewood derby event!

The following two fine gentleman are friends that we can personally recommend. They will put on a first class pinewood derby event.

  • Warren at PWDRacing (pwdracing@yahoo.com) serves the greater Minneapolis area. Warren will rent you a track or host your pinewood derby event at his location where he hosts races, car building events and more. He has managed hundreds of races!
  • Craig at Race Masters (race-masters@hotmail.com)  serves the greater northern NJ and southern NY areas. Craig has perfected pinewood derby racing. He will host your event and make it fun!
  • Following are more details from Race Masters.

    If you live in Northern NJ or southern NY state, Craig at Race Masters is a Pro that will run your entire race, including MC the event!   

    RaceMasters – For the Best Race Ever!

    Experience running hundreds of races for:

    • Cub Scouts
    • Girl Scouts
    • Christian Service Brigade AWANA
    • Adult Derbies
    • Corporate Team Building
    • Social Clubs Night at the Races
    • Company Picnics
    • Summer Camp

    Racing solution includes:

    • 32’ 4 lane Aluminum Track
    • Pinewood Racing Software
    • Electronic Timer 0.0000
    • Sound effects
    • Pre-race music
    • Professional Announcer for heats and standings
    • Derby event program consulting
    • Rules templates
    • Weigh-in advice (client performs car inspections)

Just to prove that Craig is a Master Cubmaster, he wrote a book on the subject titled Mastering Cubmastering!

This book is a wealth of information. It is intended for that person who stepped up, but doesn’t quite know how to make unit leadership happen. It discusses the things the BSA doesn’t tell them: how to identify and garner volunteers, how to structure finances, legalities, a ringer recruiting approach, managing religion in Scouting, leadership roles, etc.

It’s great for those just stepping in and trying to make sense of it all.

Pinewood Derby Track Rentals

Following is a partial list of other people that rent tracks and/or manage pinewood derby races.  We do not endorse, nor have personal relations with these individuals so please contact them directly.


Derby David (David Keith)

  • Track Rentals, Race Management, Classes, Special Events
  • Phoenix, Arizona and surrounding area
  • 480-518-0006
  • www.derbydave.com
  • info@derbydave.com

Waylon Anglin

  • Race Management
  • Phoenix, Arizona and surrounding area
  • 602-803-8937 or 480-983-0599
  • www.blacktrackderby.com
  • blacktrackunlimited@gmail.com


Paul Taylor

  • Race Management
  • Santa Barbara, Ventura, Los Angeles or Orange County
  • trackmaster.webs.com
  • pwdtrackmaster@gmail.com


Rick Doty

  • Race Management
  • Central Illinois
  • 217-848-1782


Brian Thorp

  • Race Management at ours or your location
  • Waterloo, Iowa and surrounding area
  • www.thorpfamilyfun.com
  • 319-290-0227


David Buie

  • Race Management
  • Somerset, Kentucky
  • 606-219-5454
  • dbuie2010@yahoo.com


Jerry Dent

  • Race Management
  • North Grand Rapids, Michigan and surrounding area
  • xjarcher@gmail.com

Anthony Prince

  • Race Management
  • Battle Creek, Michigan and surrounding area
  • Tony1747@yahoo.com
  • 269-964-8946

Terry L Stevens

  • Race Management
  • Grand Rapids, Michigan and surrounding areas
  • terrylstevens@sbcglobal.net
  • 616-889-9592


Keith Larson

  • Race Management
  • Bagley, Minnesota and surrounding area
  • 218-694-3365
  • keithlarson@team-ind.com

Brad Harmon

  • Harmon Race Management
  • Race Management, Consulting
  • Minneapolis / St. Paul and surrounding area
  • 763-772-8845
  • brad.harmon86@gmail.com

Warren Kalsow

  • PWDRacing, LLC
  • Track Rentals, Race Management, Workshops, Special Events, Training & Consulting
  • Twin Cities Metro
  • 612-801-7827
  • www.PwdRacing.com
  • pwdracing@yahoo.com


Ronnie Ward

  • Track Rentals, Race Management, General Support
  • Greater Springfield area
  • tanker2003@gmail.com
  • 417-849-3605


John Cusimano

  • Race Management
  • New Jersey
  • www.thederbyman.com
  • info@thederbyman.com

Racemasters (Craig)

  • Race Management
  • Northern New Jersey
  • race-masters@hotmail.com


Ken Hancock, Ralph Sanders

  • Derby Track Rentals
  • Track Rentals, Race Management
  • Northern Middle Tennessee
  • derbytrackrental@aol.com


John Renfrow

  • Renfrow’s Raceway
  • Track Rental, Race Management, Special/Corporate Events
  • Dallas/Ft Worth Area
  • 817-448-3700
  • renfrowsraceway.weebly.com
  • skormaker@yahoo.com


Kelly Ball

  • Race management and track rentals
  • Salt Lake and northern Utah counties
  • www.derby4rent.com
  • rental@derby4rent.com

Blake Goddard

  • Track Rentals, Race Management, Workshops, Special Events(Corporate/B-Day/Reunion/Science Fair)
  • Facility is in Ogden, Utah at
  • 1306 Gibson Ave. Ogden, Ut 84404
  • 801-737-2911
  • pinewoodspeedway@gmail.com
  • www.pinewoodspeedway.com

Scott Morrill

  • Race Management, track rentals
  • Davis, Weber, Morgan, Salt Lake and Utah counties
  • 801-403-3696
  • www.derbytime.com
  • smorrill@derbytime.net

If you know anyone else that rents a pinewood derby track or manages races, please contact us so we can add them to this list.

Happy Racing!

~Pinewood Pro