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BSA Polished Pinewood Derby Axles (4 axles)

Official BSA axles, lathed and polished. Straightened, deburred and crimp marks removed before polishing. Our track tests show an average speed increase of over a third of a second. 
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4.87 out of 5
BSA Graphite Coated Axles (4 axles)

All the advantages of Polished BSA axles with addition of our exclusive graphite-coating to increase speed by keeping your axles lubricated throughout all the races right through the finals!
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4.79 out of 5
BSA Grooved and Graphite Coated Axles (4 axles)

BSA Grooved and Graphite-Coated Axles are the fastest BSA axles on the market. They are straight, with 2 grooves, polished and they are graphite-coated using Pinewood Pro's exclusive process. These beauties are all speed.
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4.86 out of 5
Machined PRO Super Speed Axles (4 axles)

High performance, precision machined axles with a friction reducing groove on the shaft AND a wobble reducing groove under the axle head. These beauties are nickel plated to minimize friction. Our track test results show nearly a half second speed improvement over stock BSA axles.
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4.88 out of 5
Machined PRO Super Speed Graphite-Coated Axles (4 axles)

The FASTEST axles on the market, bar none! We added a graphite-coating to our PRO Super Speed Axles so the graphite stays on your axles right through the final heat, long after the graphite has blown off your competitor's axles!
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4.7 out of 5
Machined Speed Axles (4 axles)

Low cost, high performance, precision machined axles with angled head and nickel-plating minimizes friction. Track test results show an average speed increase of .332 seconds.
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4.85 out of 5