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PRO BSA Graphite-Coated Speed Wheels (set of 4)

    PRO BSA Graphite-Coated Speed Wheels (set of 4)

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    Get the fastest "lightly-lathed" BSA wheels on the market! Nine speed advantages! We start with BSA wheels from the kit, mold match them, then precision lathe the inside tread, outside tread, the wheel rim, hubs and finally, square the hubs. The result is a slightly lighter wheel/tire that is precision tuned. Lastly, the treads and hubs are perma-coated with graphite using our patented process. You get the slickest, fastest lightly-lathed BSA wheels on the market!

    We won the Pinewood Derby District Race with these specially coated can too!

    Secret patented multi-step process to perma-coat with graphite-moly lube...the only wheels on the market with our patent-pending process. You can see the silver shiny surface and feel the smooth, friction-free surface.
    • Wheel is trued in every dimension to remove bumps and mold imperfections, so your car starts fast and rolls smoothly down the track.

    • The rim still has the beads and the outside diameter is 29.8mm (1.17") vs stock wheels 30mm (1.18")

    • The thickness of the tread is 1.15mm vs stock wheels 1.35mm

    • Wheels are matched with all four wheels from same they are balanced as a set.

    • Hubs are lathed and coned and squared to reduce friction where wheel meets car body.

    • Wheel rim is squared to reduce friction when wheel hits track guide.

    • Special lathing makes wheels approximately .2g lighter while leaving all BSA markings intact, giving you a quicker start and faster rolling down the track.

    • Track tested and proven to increase speed.

    • Note that wheel tread will be silver, not black, due to graphite coating.

    The graphite-coating reduces friction where the wheel contacts the track and where the wheel hub rubs against the car.

    Your car will fly down the track like on a frictionless cushion of air.

    Another Winning Secret from the PRO's at Pinewood Pro.

    Rules Notes:

    • Should be legal in BSA races that allow removing mold marks and truing up wheel to remove imperfections, and that allow graphite lubrication.
    • All BSA markings are intact inside and outside of the wheel.
    • Rules are different for every race! Always read your race rules.
    • Questions? Ask your race manager!

    Product Code: 050100

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    Lathed and Graphite Coated - Friction-Free! by
    5/ 5 stars

    My son won ALL 11 races at his Tiger Den and we are going to district.(this is our first pinewood derby race) The car just goes very fast when it reaches the flat part of the track.Thank you for making this amazing product! My son still have a smile in his face :))

    Fastest! by
    5/ 5 stars

    The wheels are where it's at as far as speed goes. Why not get the fastest wheels? My car got 1st place with these wheels. The only thing I was worried about was that they had a little too much shine to them and I was afraid that they would be disqualified for not being stock. No one seemed to notice and I said nothing.

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