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Outlaw Wheels - Super Light Weight (set of 4)

    Outlaw Wheels - Super Light Weight (set of 4)

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    We start with BSA wheels, then lathe the outside tread, inside tread, wheel rim, inside body, wheel hub and finally, we square the hub so it rests squarely on the car body when it touches.

    The result is a super light weight, 1.2g wheel for Outlaw Races. Lighter is faster but any lighter than this could result in structural integrity issues. We feel this is the optimal, lightest weight Outlaw Wheel.

    Faster start, faster going down the track because there is less inertia required to spin them.

    Note that ALL BSA markings are removed inside and outside, so they CAN NOT be used in Cub Scout BSA races!

    If you are running in an Outlaw race, these wheels are for you.

    Rules Notes:

    • Not legal in BSA or Awana races. Outlaw wheels are for “Open Class” races that have no restrictions on wheel alterations.
    • Rules are different for every race! Always read your race rules.
    • Questions? Ask your race manager!

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