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Fully Built Camouflage Pinewood Derby Car

    Fully Built Camouflage Pinewood Derby Car

    Price: $89.95
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    Our cool Camouflage car is a super fast, pre-built pinewood derby car designed to meet BSA rules.
    It is an Official BSA car block, BSA axles and BSA wheels from the Cub Scout kit.

    This car has been pre-weighted, painted, track tested, and supplied with our BSA precision lathed Speed Wheels and BSA polished axles. Yes, it is fast.

    If you are out of time and still want to compete in your race, this car is for you.

    It has these features:
  • Completely pre-built car, track tested and ready to race
  • Official BSA wheels precision "lightly" lathed for optimal performance
  • Official BSA polished axles, with "extra" polishing for high speed
  • Pre-weighted to just under 5.0 oz, so you can add decals
  • Precision weighted with optimal center of gravity, to maximize speed and inertia
  • Drilled axle slots to conform with any rules while making your car roll straight, which means more speed
  • Standard wheel base
  • Left front wheel raised to increase car speed, but optional hole pre-drilled if you want to lower the wheel so it touches the track.
  • Optimal wheel gap spacing reduces wobble and friction
  • The Camouflage color comes from a vinyl body skin to give you a cool, hot, perfect finish!

  • Product Code: 063388

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