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PRO Wheel and Axle Alignment Guide

    PRO Wheel and Axle Alignment Guide

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    Easily perform eight checks on your derby car for optimal performance! Increase speed with accurate axle and wheel alignments and spacing.

    1. Axle alignment - makes your car roll straight
    2. Wheel alignment - camber makes wheels square so car rolls straight
    3. Wheel spacing - Checks wheel clearance against body to make sure wheels do not bind or wobble
    4. Check wheel height - balance weight and makes car roll straight
    5. Toe in, Toe out - A wheel check to make car roll straight
    6. Track clearance - be sure car will not drag on center rail
    7. Verify car is legal length
    8. Verify car is legal width

    Tool is made of a flexible, durable white polycarbonate.

    Make alignments in a snap...with the PRO Wheel and Axle Alignment Tool.

    Another tool to help you make a high performance pinewood derby car...from the derby car experts at Pinewood Pro!

    Product Code: 100366

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    Rated 4.5/5 based on over 12 customer reviews

    Great Products! by
    5/ 5 stars

    Pros: The PRO wheels were very fast

    We had a great race and my son did a great job aligning the wheels after he got them put on the car. He came in 1st place overall and all the other parents and kids asked me where I got the wheels and axles. We were very happy with the product and the service was beyond what I expected!!! I will definitely order again next year!

    Works Good by
    5/ 5 stars

    Pros: Does several measurements in one tool

    This tool helped my son take second place this year!

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