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PRO Brick Wheel Assembly - for Racing LEGO Derby Cars

    PRO Brick Wheel Assembly - for Racing LEGO Derby Cars

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    To create a LEGO Derby Car, just snap on four PRO Brick Wheel Assemblies and you are off to the races!

    Pinewood Pro Engineers designed their Winning Pinewood Derby Speed secrets into the PRO Brick Wheel Assembly so your car reaches maximum speed...from start to finish.

    The PRO Brick Wheel Assembly was designed for Speed and Flexibility.

    PRO Brick Wheel Assembly Features:
  • Ultra-Lite PRO Wheels. Lighter wheels = a faster start and higher speed. (Don't use heavy, after-market wheels!)
  • Nickel plated PRO Axles minimizes friction. Less Friction = More Speed.
  • PRO Brick snaps perfectly onto any standard LEGO part.
  • Wheels, Axles and PRO Brick are pre-assembled.
  • Each PRO Wheel Assembly weighs only .11oz (3.15g). Less weight = more LEGO parts on your car.
  • Each wheel assembly is separate so you can place them anywhere on your car. Flexibility increases creativity and experimentation.
  • Package includes 4 pre-assembled wheel assemblies

  • NOTES:
  • You CAN NOT use these wheels on a BSA Cub Scout pinewood derby car because they are not Official BSA Wheels and Axles. They are for LEGO Derby cars only.
  • Images of Zinc Weights, LEGO plates and fully built LEGO derby car are for illustration purposes only. These parts are sold separately.
  • To add weight to your LEGO Derby Car, use the Zinc Brick. More weight, more inertia, faster finish!

  • Call 203-400-3713 for Group Discounts! (over 15 sets)

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